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Ann Michell's Charols Natural Cream Re-Firms and tones your skin! Charol's Natural Cream contains seaweed and spirulina to naturally revitalize your skin and help with elasticity. The cream is ideal for full body treatments and works to fight cellulite and smooth stretch marks. RESULTS Firms and tones the skin Naturally revitalizes the skin and helps improve elasticity Improves the appearance...

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OSMOTIC PLASTIC WRAP The Osmotic Wrap is ideal for aesthetic use on different parts of the body such as the waist, arms, legs, and buttocks. The Osmotic wrap helps eliminate toxins and waste from the body by speeding up the thermogenic process. The osmotic wrap is ideal for use under your Sports or Aggressive waist trainer. Simple wrap the osmotic...

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The Triple Action Gel contains a rich formula with components that penetrate the skin and assist with burning fat cells. The Triple Action Gel helps to define a perfect silhouette and minimize the appearance of cellulite. The gel can be used hot or cold. For firming action cool gel in the refrigerator and apply nightly with osmotic wrap and remove in...