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You'll find all of our newest and hottest items in the New Arrivals Collection from Taille Fine Shapewear. We are always looking for high quality, durable items to add to our collection to ensure we deliver the best in quality for all your shapewear needs. Check back often I'm sure you'll find something new and useful!
$ 52.00

The Verox Sports Latex Trainer is the ultimate in comfort and function in waist training corsets. If you are ready to maximize your workout try the Verox waist trainer. You can wear the Verox trainer anytime your plan to be active. The Verox Sports Latex Trainer is great for the gym or for a run outside; to boost any workout...

$ 55.00 $ 70.00

The Ann Chery Animal Print Waist Trainer is made of high quality, natural latex and is an optimal choice for waist training. The waist trainer promotes weight loss through its latex exterior and cotton lined interior which speeds thermal activity to help promote weight loss. The waist trainer should ideally be worn during exercise and is an effortless way to...