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Ladies and Gents get in on the waist cinching revolution and let Taille Fine Shapewear help shape your waist! Our product selections boasts an array of printed and traditional aggressive and sports waist trainers and trainer vests to help melt that midsection.

The Trainer Vest slenderizes the waist, minimizes back fat, and provides lumbar support. Coupled one of our trainer/vest with trainer accessories to boost help achieve a slimmer waist, flatter midsection, and curves to die for! 

Taille Fine Shapewear carries some of the top waist trainer brands in an assortment of colors and styles to suit your personal style. Check out the fierce cheetah print trainer from one of our top brands ,Ann Chery currently on sale!

$ 65.00

Ann Chery's Classic Latex Trainer Vest is one of the best in quality amongst waist trainers. The trainer vest has wide reinforced straps for added bust support and comfort. The aggressive latex trainer instantly slenderizes the waist, abdomen and back. This posture correcting trainer vest has a superb quality cotton liner for optimal comfort and helps reduce "back fat". This...