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Taille Fine Shapewear has all of your waist training aids to boost your waist training results. From topical thermogenic creams, to firming gels and even detergents to help preserve your shapewear pieces, we've got it all!!

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$ 17.99

This Caffeine Cream helps to achieve a flatter midsection, minimizes the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Ann Chery Caffeine Cream can help you achieve that sexy silhouette in as little as 2 weeks (Results May Vary). The Caffeine Cream is made from the finest ingredients and extracts that help stimulate circulation and increase the lipolytic fat burning effect. Couple...

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$ 14.00

Lipo Foam is a waist trainer cushion that can help alleviate boning gouging in the waist and back. Boning gouging may result from long term use of your trainer or from bending attributed to long periods spent in the sitting position. Lipo Foam can be inserted in between the trainer and your skin. RESULTS Increases comfort for longer trainer use...

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$ 20.00

The compression board is a great accessory to add to your waist trainer. The compression board helps eliminate excess fatty tissue in the stomach area through perspiration. The added compression from the board helps the trainer maintain its shape by preventing trainer creasing and/or bending. The compression board prevents the trainer from flipping if you have excess lower abdominal fat.  RESULTS...