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Good morning Ladies & Gents!

Trainer sizing and fit is very important in achieving your waist training goals. Here are a few things to consider:

1. How will I use my waist trainer ? (Working out vs. daily wear)

2. Measurements - bust, natural waist, hips - use these measurements to select your appropriate trainer size. If you fall in between sizes - go up a size.

3. Do not order too small- the garment is latex and will constrict as you sweat - making it tighter.

4. Initially you may choose to wear your trainer over a Tee to improve comfort.

5. The garment is suppose to be firm to work - if you can easily close your trainer it's too big!

Trainers come in aggressive - daily wear only (black/nude only) and sports - any colored trainer is typically a sports trainer

6. Take into account if you need sizing options to accommodate a long or short torso - trainers have these options.

7. The trainer should not migrate up into the bust line nor too deep into pubic area. The trainer should rest right above your pubic line.

8. The metal clasps that run along the front of your trainer are called hook-and-eye closure s and are made of steel.

This is why you should never submerge your trainer in water - the hooks will rust.

9. If you have difficulty maneuvering the hook and eye closures - there are zipper closure options for waist trainers.

10. Clean your waist trainer with a warm cloth with a mild soap, lay flat, and let air dry.

Below is a picture of the correct and incorrect way to wear a waist trainer.

  • November 23, 2015
  • T K